Computer Networks

  • ITWS Specialists has technical and exprienced team in networking areas.

    Local Area Network [ LAN]
    Our technical team normally advices the client on with network should be installed depending on the physical location of the place to be networked.
    We normally follow ICT procedures of setting up a LAN by
    • Feasibility Study [ Site Surveying]
    • Physical Planning
    • Logical Planning
    • Physical Implementation
    • Logical Implementation
    • Testing the LAN
    • Commissioning the LAN.
    The LAN implemented by our technical team is dependable, reliable and scalable and we offer after work support of 3 months

    Wireless Network
    Depending on advice given to clients, some premies are complex joints, gardens, building -to- building, etc, we proposal to setup a wireless network connection.
    we setup wireless using Access points with high speed and signal power, this increases the speed at which the network is accessed as well as Internet.

    Point to Point
    Extending the WLAN and LAN from one building to another building without laying the cable across the roads, compound, trees, and many other obstacles. we extend the LAN without involving the client to incur alot of costs involved in extending the LAN with a cable ( fiber or Category 6) and time inlvolved in getting authority to dig the roads.
    We can accomplish this work at a cheaper and friendly cost.


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