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Giving Businesses Light
Giving Businesses Light

We give hope to business by rendering them ICT Consultancy services and advising on trending products and solutions at relatively low cost.

Increase Business Visibilty
Increase Business Visibilty

Through our online marketing, website design and development strategies, we mind on increasing our client's visibility on Internet search Engines and social media platforms.

Computerized ICT Solutions
Computerized ICT Solutions

Through our dedicated team, we provide ICT Solutions which makes the day-to-day activties more simpler and enjoyable, such as computerised Finance Systems, Hospital Management Systems, etc

ICT Consultantation Services
ICT Consultantation Services

We offer ICT Consultantation services, where businesses are advised on what is good for the business in terms of ICT services, goods and products.  Also on what is trending on global maeket in ICT world.

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Advancements in Digital Transformation

Get involved with us Artifical Intelligent || Machine Learning to reshape your business operation and strategy

More Than 15 Years Experience

ITWS Specialists Uganda Limited was fully registered on 13th April 2007

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The Trending IT News, Events and Innovations in 2024

Support Kabaddi Sport in Uganda

ITWS Specialists supports Kabaddi Federation of Uganda as a part of Community

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is a trending technology that using connected device

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is where the technology provides logic and reasoning and come to a concl

Women's Kabaddi East African Games

Mr. Kato Jacob, the Managing Director, attending the Women Kabaddi East African Competition in Mutugga